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Planning for 2015: Amanda McKinnon Photography

We’re past January and into the new year. Is time whizzing by for you too? If you haven’t had the time to pause and reflect on what made you successful in 2014 then now is the time. In an interview with Pinhole Pro, wedding photographer Amanda McKinnon shares what she is planning to do this off season and what her goals are for 2015.

What are you planning to do in the off season this year?

I am a SoCal girl (always and forever), but this season, I’ll be spending time in the chillier area of Bend, Oregon.  Fall in Orange County means pumpkin spice lattes and pretending to be cold.  In Bend, on the other hand, it’s just plain COLD.  Despite the frost bite and the lack of wool in my wardrobe, I am excited to see what this change brings and how it inspires me. In the coming weeks, I have some exciting personal work I am shooting which will include lifestyle shots and a focus on story telling and beautiful landscapes. I am excited to see what shooting in the fall and winter in Bend brings to my portfolio. Cheers to chilly weather!


Did you set any 2014 goals for your studio, and if so, how have these played out over the year?  Do you have any 2015 goals that you are currently working towards?

In 2014 my only goal was to work smarter, which means I wanted to be more efficient with my time while earning more than I did in 2013.  With this goal, I wanted to still love my job and even happier than I was in 2013.  And you know what?  I did it!  Looking forward to 2015, I have decided to focus less on monetary goals and more on goals involving inspiration.  In 2015, I want to get every single wedding that I shoot published somewhere, whether it be a wedding blog or bridal magazine.  I want every single wedding published.  I think I can do it.  Come ask me this same question a year from now.  Wish me luck!


What’s been your greatest business achievement in 2014 and how did you accomplish it?

I would have to say the sheer number of weddings that I shot – 26.  It’s a higher number than I ever want to take on again, but I am so happy and so blessed!  My absolute greatest accomplishment this year also had to do with the number 26.  I ran my first full marathon!  26.2 baby!


What’s in store for Amanda McKinnon Photography in 2015?  We would love to know about any exciting shoots you have coming up!

There are some cool, crazy things happening with Amanda McKinnon Photography!  All I can say is that we’re expanding, and it’s going to be inspiring for me while it will also help a lot of people who need it!  We may be getting a little non-profitty over here…shhhh…it’s a secret!



PPro_Amanda_7Amanda McKinnon is a wedding photographer located in Orange County. However, she also finds the time to dabble in family and portrait photography. Like many Pinhole Pros, Amanda describes herself as a hopeless romantic. Telling a couple’s story is really what gets her going. Check out Amanda McKinnon’s favorite Pinhole Pro products.

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