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Being Your Brand

In an over-saturated market, how do you stand out from the crowd? What can you do to talk to your target market without spending loads of money on advertising? How do you make a real impact on potential customers and clients?

The answer is… your brand. Your brand isn’t just a business card or social media page; it’s you, your company, your style and even your presence within the community. Below are four tips to making your brand completely YOU:

  1. Invest in your logo – Starting out, we didn’t have a budget for working with a team of marketing and branding professionals. So, what did we do? We purchased a “pre-made” brand from Etsy. However, what I learned from my pre-made brand purchase is that, while it saved me money upfront, it cost me much more money long term. Our advice would be to invest with a team of qualified professionals who get to know you, your style, your hopes, dreams and goals for your company. Then, they can help you develop a brand that is 100% you and attracts YOUR clients!
  2. Build a cohesive brand – So, you’ve established your brand. You’re beyond excited – you might do a party dance, you’re that excited. It’s awesome and everything that you wanted. Now, it’s time for complete cohesiveness! Your website should have the same color scheme and style as your brand. Your blog, which we suggest on having so you can develop a personal and daily relationship with your clients, should also blend seamlessly with your brand. We recently traded in our home office for a studio. It was imperative for us that our brand be present the moment you walk through the door. We have even had clients say, “It looks like we just jumped in here from your website!” Bingo…that’s what we wanted! You want to carry products that represent your brand well and blend with your style which is absolutely why we offer Pinhole Pro albums and products to our clients. They have the quality and the modern simplicity that our clients have come to expect from us.
  3. Think about packagingPackaging is another way to embrace your brand. For us, we are obsessed with Washi tape. We thought, how cool would that be to have our own custom tape made for all of our packaging? Our clients would immediately know that they were receiving a package from us the minute they saw that box with the yellow pistol-laden tape. So now it’s you! You are your brand.
  4. Dress the part - The way you dress, the way you compose yourself and anyone who represents your company. We don’t necessarily always dress in black at weddings. We want to fit in with the crowd and based on their attire is how we decide our wardrobe. Typically, it’s black capris for me and a cute top. Although we try to stay conservative and not upstage our clients, we still like to let our personality speak through. Recently, we found some insane shoes that are oxfords with Nike soled bottoms. Neon yellow for him and teal for me. They’re amazingly comfortable yet still give us the edge that our clients know us for. Set the standard with your brand and the RIGHT clients will come your way.

The bottom line is that we specifically went with a brand that would put off most traditional couples because our photography is anything but traditional. Heck, some potential clients run from our pistol logo and could quite possibly think we’re nuts! When working with the team to develop our brand they were smart enough to bring up points like that and because of it, we’ve been thrilled with the response we have received with our branding!

Hi, we are Lucy and Steven and we are smitten & hooked.  Both creativity junkies, comedy buffs and nerds at heart. Being photographers for us isn’t work, it is life and something we love and are passionate about.

4 Responses to “Being Your Brand”

  1. lauren villani says:

    love you guys and your work. enjoy seeing something different and edgy. LOVE the logo and branding. so smart

  2. Great info guys! You have definitely demonstrated the essence of being a brand…although you did cheat in a way. You and Steven are already a couple of bad-ass, awesome people, and you just had to challenge a design your team to bottle your essence. Love you guys!!!

  3. sean says:

    Awesome article guys! Loving your style but even more I enjoyed hearing how you went about bringing that style to the forefront of your company/brand.

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