Inside the Studio: Isabel March Photography

We’re all interested in how other people work and play. Starting this month, we’re excited to introduce a new feature where we take you inside the studios of your peers. This month, we will take a tour with Isabel March Photography, a fine art wedding studio based in Philadelphia. If you are interested in sharing your studio, please contact us.

After working from home and having my business grow, literally, out of my dining room, I opened my current studio space. I’ve been in this studio for two years and I LOVE it! I wanted the space to be fun, warm and inviting – similar to my dining room studio.

My best advice to other photographers is to make sure your space is indicative of your brand, style and personality.

This is taken from the front door of the studio. The front of the space is used for shooting. Every piece of furniture in the studio is from Ikea.

My clients always comment on how cozy and homey my studio feels. I host both new couples (as I am primarily a wedding photographer) and families with their kiddos. My favorite part about the studio is the sense of accomplishment. I graduated from Starbucks to my dining room to a studio. It’s an awesome feeling.

This is the client meeting space. The TV runs a slideshow of images as I meet with clients to discuss wedding plans. During family sessions, I have the parents/grandparents sit here with wine, cheese and snacks while I shoot the kids. My camera is tethered to the TV so that they can see what I’m shooting and they can order right after the session.

This is our production room where albums are designed (that’s Melissa my fabulous assistant – I adore her and all that she does for me!). This is the room where orders are packaged and overall awesomeness occurs. The chalkboard maps out our pending album design projects.

Everyone that visits the studio gets to know me through the personal affects that I have displayed. It feels more like they’re visiting a friend than a business.

This is my office. I could seriously live in here forever. It’s filled with personal things that I love.

This is a view of one of our shooting set ups and our alcove that you see right when you walk into the studio. My cockatoo, Sophie, who everyone reads about on the blog, greets people as they come in. I also have my gum ball machine and vintage camera collection on display.

Here are a few details of the client meeting spot. Everyone knows I LOVE cake/cupcakes. There are always special treats for clients in the studio. You never know who’s going to come in!

Our Pinhole Pro Panoramic Press Albums.

If you are interested in sharing your studio, please contact us.

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