Your Holiday Marketing Checklist

What’s the best holiday advice that we can share? Start early. Even if you can’t imagine thinking about holiday in August, browsing this checklist will ensure that when the time comes to plan your holiday mini sessions and promotions, you’ll be mentally ready. We’ve created a list of 2 marketing items for you to think about and plan for each month. If you complete this list, you can rest assured that you’ve done a good job planning your holiday promotions and promoting your studio.


Brainstorm your Mini Sessions:

Start to plan your holiday mini session specials. What will your offer be? How will you spread the word?

Plan Studio Holiday Cards:

Start to plan for your studio holiday card. You may need to plan a shoot if you have multiple team members. Think about how your holiday card could thank clients and also ramp up your winter business. For example, at the bottom of the card, add a discount offer for sessions booked through February 1st. If you haven’t received a paper sample pack from Pinhole Pro, request your pack now.



Get the Word Out:

Design and send your promotions for holiday mini sessions. Families are busy when school starts so give them time to plan their appointments. If you want to spread out your sessions, offer a “limited time discount” if they book before the end of September. If keeping track of appointments gets too complicated, ask clients to participate in a two day mini session at a park. Limit each client to thirty minutes and limit the number of proofs they receive.

Order studio samples:

Make sure that you have studio samples for your clients to view at their mini sessions. People like to touch and feel products so make sure that you have a chance to “WOW” them.



Give Thanks:

Reach out to past clients from 2013 and offer them a special on specific products from their shoot, reminding them that photos are a great holiday gift.

Send a Friendly Reminder:

Send out a reminder about your holiday mini session promotion. Make sure that you give clients you haven’t heard from a personal email. If you need to create a call-to-action, limit the opportunity and add an incentive. For example, “The first five clients to purchase a holiday cards will receive a framed print.”



Order your Holiday Cards:

For your biggest clients of 2013, consider thanking them with a larger gift like a notepad. Gifts always get clients talking to their friends.

Create a Special “Last Minute” Offer:

Offer clients the opportunity to buy a session from you as a gift for a family member. Create beautiful packaging to go with the gift certificate.



Send your personal holiday cards:

Remember to brand your holiday card so that it looks, feels and symbolizes your studio. Create a custom stamp for “WOW” factor.

Relax and enjoy the holidays!



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