A Three Month Engagement: Planning a Wedding


I recently got married and had a short three month engagement (that comes highly recommended by the way…it can be done!).  We really didn’t plan anything wedding related until we got engaged, so during the three months we had to work out all the details quite quickly.  My husband is a graphic designer and I am a professional photographer, so needless to say the photography and design involved in our wedding details was of high importance to us!

PPress_kelseyrsvp PPress_kelseyrsvp2

I am a huge fan of Pinhole Press and Pinhole Pro.  I shoot advertising for Pinhole Press, and have used Pinhole Pro often for any photo product needs.  Jamie (my husband) designed our wedding invitations and we easily uploaded it to Pro Studio.  We used the Ultrathick Superfine cards for the main part of the invite, and Superfine cover for the rsvp.  It’s becoming more popular to do an online rsvp (save a stamp!), but we didn’t want people to forget, so we made a separate card in the invite to help people remember.  On the back of the rsvp, we put a photo by our friend and photographer Christina Childress. We purposefully didn’t put type on the image so that our friends and family would be able to keep and frame the photo long after the wedding.  Several people told us they did just that!  We got a ton of compliments on the printing and paper of the invite.  Everything was beautiful, simple and classic!


Because we didn’t have a ton of time to customize all our designs we used a template on Pinhole Press for our rehearsal dinner invites. Jamie’s mom and aunt were able to easily pop in the info needed and pick neutral color that matched our wedding theme!  It was so nice to be able to easily delegate that task to someone and be able to trust that the design and printing would be beautiful.


Being a professional photographer, I really cared a lot about our wedding photos. Picking someone was a fairly easy choice though, because our friends Rocky and Sara Garza are amazing wedding photographers. They are a husband and wife duo that truly love what they do, caring about you each individually, as well as a couple. I think capturing the look and feel of the moment is of most importance and their execution of this is lovely! I am a huge fan of natural light, and outdoor weddings are their specialty, so it was a perfect match. We are so glad we hired them and are obsessed with all of the images they shot!

PPress_kelseyalbum4 PPress_kelseyalbum5 PPress_kelseyalbum6

We wanted our wedding to be as small and intimate as possible (I think guest lists are seriously the hardest part of a wedding!), and so we were not able to invite a lot of people, specifically a lot of people that were close to my parents.  A family friend suggested that we have a post wedding shower and invite all the people we were not able to invite to the wedding.  I printed a Panoramic Photo Book for the shower so that people could see images from our special day!  Guests raved about the layout, look and feel of this book.

PPress_kelseyalbum PPress_kelseyalbum2

I love the tangible part of printing photos.  With the digital age, sometimes you don’t ever get to physically touch a picture!  Because I loved so many of our images, I decided to combat this and make several different thank you cards!  I printed some more traditional ones to use for work friends and family, but for my bachelorette party thank you’s I used a fun dancing photo!  We used templates as well as designed out own with the Pinhole Pro designer.  It’s so fun to open up the package and see your wedding photos on real paper!

PPress_kelseyAll PPress_kelseythankyou2 PPress_kelseythankyou3 PPress_kelseythankyou

Having a three month engagement would have been a lot more difficult if it hadn’t been for Pinhole. The quick turn around and beautiful products come highly recommended in my book!

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