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Meet Dan Rubin: MOOster, singer, writer, photographer, designer, MOO creative director, and finally, a Felt & Wire featured Luxe business card designer. Dan, who joined as creative director last November, was asked to design the April collection for the Luxe Project. This article was first published on Felt & Wire, a blog conceived at Mohawk Fine Papers by people who love the feel of paper, the look of paper, the marvel of ink on paper, and the magic of what people do with paper.

You may remember we told you about the launch of the Luxe business cards with Michael Osborne as the first featured designer. The Luxe Project is a collection of limited edition designs, created by a different designer each month, with 100% of the proceeds going to the designer’s charity of choice. Luxe Business Cards are digitally printed on an HP Indigo, on legendary Mohawk Superfine. You can order any of these designs on the backs of your business cards

Dan’s Luxe collection, Camera: positiv and Camera: negativ, stems from his passion for photography — a pet project he had on the back burner. For years he had been wanting to produce a line of technical camera illustrations of his vintage camera collection.

Luxe business cards are triple the thickness of most business cards, and they feature a center seam of paper in white, blue, red or black. The Camera: postiv card designs below are line drawings that are printed in colors to match the center seam. “The core concept of this collection is a good fit for MOO. It has a broad appeal, and photographers are one of our core audiences,” says Dan.

Dan is particularly fond of how the cyan cards resemble blueprints.

Dan says the Camera: negativ designs below were developed through exploration, “We hadn’t done any full-bleed designs, so we wanted to see what we could squeeze out of the combination of this fantastic paper and the very vibrant HP Indigo printing. It’s a joy to be able to print on, and test Superfine. Who gets to do that every day? Well, who besides us?”

The flood of color on the front and back of the cards, with the white center seam, gives the inverse effect of the white “sandwich” with the colored center seam design of the Camera: positiv cards.

Dan’s charity is the Harmony Foundation, the charitable arm of the Barbershop Harmony Society. Another of Dan’s passions is singing, and he’s been doing four-part a cappella harmony for over 22 years now!

Dan Rubin (@danrubin) is a designer, photographer, writer, speaker, barbershop harmony aficionado, philosopher, polymath … improving the world through design. Dan’s first contract design work was at the age of 16. Since then he hasn’t stopped trying new things, and applying design principles to everything he tries.

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