A Day In The Life: Stacie Kirkwood

Last spring, I hopped a plane to Las Vegas for a photography convention. I left my husband home with our two kids for a week. When I returned, my husband said to me jokingly, “You must be partially insane to do what you do.” He was referring to me running a photography business from home while caring for our two children (ages 1 and 4). In reality, it’s not insanity that keeps the gears turning at my house, it’s serious multitasking, constant preparation and lots of compromise. Motherhood and running a business are hefty tasks alone, but combined it can be a unbeatable struggle or a lifestyle most people only dream about.


Stacie Kirkwood operates her business from her Framingham home and specializes in wedding photography. Her approach to photographing a wedding is simple – to tell a story. She holds a degree from Emerson College and graduated from the photography program at CDIA at Boston University.

My greatest challenge of running a photography business from home is juggling two young children and a never ending photography to-do list with deadlines. Getting my kids involved with what I do is key. My son shares my workspace (also known as the kitchen table or wherever I set my laptop that day). Simple conversation with my kids is time well spent when I am editing a wedding or submitting a print order.


As a wedding photographer, I shoot on-location. My home office space is primarily used for editing, editing and more editing. Oh! and email, scheduling, blogging, FaceBooking and album design. When it is time to schedule a consultation with a potential bride and groom, I set up a meeting at a local hotel or Starbucks.


Sharing a home and work place has it’s set backs, such as limited space. Camera gear sits shelved next to folded towels. Wedding albums are stored under lock and key in the same room where puzzles, legos and building blocks are stacked high. It is not uncommon or my camera or laptop to make it’s way upstairs in a laundry basket.


Having a home-office is blooming with huge benefits as well. Not having to pay studio rent is one of them. Spending lots of time with my kids, wearing t-shirts, jeans and walking around the ‘office’ barefoot are a few of my favorites. Another perk is having time to prepare fresh, home-cooked meals everyday. Now, that I can do even while texting a client and playing “red light green light” with my kids!


Two things that keep me balanced; my running sneakers and my iPhone. Before my husband dashes off to work at 7:30am, I go for a 25-minute jog/walk or whatever I feel like that day. This gives me a few minutes in the morning to myself and clears my head for the day. The rest of the credit goes to my iPhone. My iPhone keeps my day running smoothly by allowing me to email clients from a playground or taking a phone call when parked at the grocery store.


When I leave the house on the weekend to shoot a wedding or engagement session, saying goodbye to my kids and husband is the hardest part. Creating amazing images for my clients – well now, that’s the best!



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