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What is The Value of Being a Pinhole Pro?

As a photographer, you want to offer your clients the highest quality products possible. That’s why it makes great sense to become a Pinhole Pro! All Pinhole Pro products are printed on Mohawk Superfine and Mohawk Options recycled paper, and are FSC-certified, archival papers made with windpower.

Becoming a Pinhole Pro gives you the ability to create beautiful press products and prints to sell to your clients. Following are some frequently asked questions related to Pinhole Pro and Pro Studio.

Q: What are the differences between Pinhole Press and Pinhole Pro’s free Pro Studio software? Also, why do I need another standalone photography editing program?

While Pinhole Press provides a great way for non-imaging professionals to quickly put together beautiful photo books and keepsakes, its online templates are static and unalterable.

Pro Studio, on the other hand, gives photographers a fantastic degree of creative control. Built on the industry standard logic of image and text layers, pros can alter templates, add to them, or simply start from scratch using the tools they’ve already incorporated into their existing workflows, such as Lightroom and the Adobe Creative Suites.

Custom Notepads and Photo Book created in Pro Studio by Ingrid Urena,

Q: If my clients can create photo books themselves on at a third of what I charge, why would they consider purchasing from me?

You’re not just selling a book. You’re selling your time and talent. Creating great images is only the first step in documenting your clients’ special day. Pro Studio empowers you to take full creative control over telling your client’s story. Everything from custom paper choices, to customized book lengths, to the ability to snap an InDesign layout straight into your client’s book makes purchasing products through a Pinhole Pro a worthwhile investment. Not to mention there are additional products offered through Pinhole Pro that are not available on

Keep in mind that all of our Pro Studio products are non-branded. “Pinhole Press” never appears on any of the Pro Products. This allows you to keep your source private, and of course add your own branding should you choose to.

Unique Panoramic Guestbook lays completely flat, created in Pro Studio by Todd Zimmermann, A product not offered on

Q: Does Pinhole Pro have a bulk pricing discount program?

YesWe offer a wide array of marketing materials including business cards, leave-behinds, and sample books that our clients love to keep on hand for trade shows and consultations. It often makes sense to buy these items in bulk.

The discount is based on the total dollar amount of an order. For example, if you were to purchase between $500 and $999 worth of notepads, your discount would be 10%; if the order totaled $1000-$1499 it would be 15%, etc.

Q: How Do I Become a Pinhole Pro?

Becoming a Pinhole Pro is easy! Gain access to our free Pro Studio software and begin creating beautiful press products and prints to sell to your clients. If you have questions, feel free to contact us at or call 1-800-248-0245.


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