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Inside the Studio: A Bit of Ivory

I specialize in weddings with A Bit of Ivory Photography and boudoir with my Persuasion Boudoir division. The primary function of my space is for consultations and meetings. Day-to-day, I still primarily worked out of my home office just for practicality (heck, I do love my pajamas!), cost effectiveness, and household planning.


I opened up my photography business in June 2009. I was an art teacher at the time, and then I went full-time in June 2011 when the income met our household needs. It was a pretty neat transition. At the time, my husband was in full-time nursing school, so I honestly wasn’t even considering a space outside of my home until he was finished with school, but a wedding planner friend approached me with the offer. I figured it would be a fun adventure since it fit into my budget and it was a great chance to be able to design my own office space. This past April, I did have to move out as we were making plans to relocate to Williamsburg later this year.


Pinterest was the starting point or inspiration of the design, and from there, things just fell into line. I knew I wanted that Big Ole Teal Wall as the focal point since that is my dominant branding color. Once that was confirmed, I focused primarily on bringing my secondary colors, black and white, into the design scheme through accents and details.

Creating the space took about a week since I had most of the furniture from my home office already. My Type A personality wouldn’t allow it to take too long! I had the amazing help of my photo-fam (aka clients) and friends who were excited to pitch in their time. It made my office space extra special to know they were part of it.


While I took a lot of pride in that big ole teal wall and frame arrangement, my favorite parts were the personal touches. One of my brides gifted me the white quill pen. The stationery hung on the smaller wall was all from my Orchestrated Stylized Shoots events. And there was a large wired dress form (mimicking my Persuasion Boudoir logo) that a local photographer friend gave me as an office-warming present.

I am currently located in Chesapeake, Virginia, but will be relocating to Williamsburg. Thankfully, it’s the same area so no business changes will be made other than my business license and zip code!

I already have a dream for my next space! While the desk setup worked for this space, it also physically “separated” me from those I met with. I learned I definitely want more of a living room setup for a more informal, welcoming feeling.


I’m a huge fan of the Mini Panoramic Press Albums for my boudoir clients– definitely the best quality and perfect for nightstand albums. I also equally love the regular Panoramic Press Albums for my wedding clients to use as their customizable guestbooks. And for personal/business use, I sure do love those notepads that I brand for notes to clients during meetings!

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