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What is your biggest goal for next year?

Whether they’re personal, professional or somewhere in-between, we all have goals for 2014. We put the question to our Pinhole Pro’s and below is how they responded, along with some of their favorite images over the last 12 months. Have a look and a read and we think you’ll agree – goals are good, and the below photos are great!

J.Passon Artistic Portraiture

My focus and goal for 2014 is to communicate to my clients that they each have a story to tell. That story changes from year to year, month to month, week to week, etc. which is one reason that they need to continue to have portrait sessions through the years. It is my privilege to record that story at their session and to watch that story change as time goes by.  The story of family laughs, tickles and grins.  The story of a shy toddler or crazy 6 year old. The story of the addition of a new baby.  Connected to that big picture goal of them knowing they have a story is the goal to show them their story in a “storybook” fashion. I absolutely love Pinhole Pro’s panoramic album and it would be my goal that every client would order one. What better way to let them re-live their story at that moment in time!



Miki Foto

My two main goals for 2014 is to become known in my area as the go-to photographer for fun, vibrant and natural child and family photography. I want clients and prospects to see my images and immediately know that it was me (mikifoto) who took it.  I also want to deliver excellent customer service. A big part of that is offering beautiful, unique, high quality products like the albums, calendars and frames from Pinhole Pro. My clients love these products and can’t stop talking about them. This word of mouth elevates my business!



Crecia Page Photography

My biggest goal for 2014 is to get it right in camera. I’d rather lean on skill rather than software. It’s such a great feeling to cull sessions and know not much time needs to be spent post processing. The increase in productivity will better my business and leave more time for my most important priority: my family.




JellyBean Pictures

There simply isn’t a more meaningful place to have a session than the place you call home. This year, I made the decision to offer only in home documentary sessions versus previous years of offering parks and locations as an option. Words cannot do an in home story telling session justice, so it’s up to me to continue to create images that move people. My goal for 2014 is to illustrate to clients {old and new} how much more these images mean and will mean to them years from now having been filmed in the place that is their heart- their home.



Stacie Kirkwood Photography

As important as it is to have a signature style and cohesive look to your photography, I also feel it is vital to challenge yourself aesthetically in effort to keep your images looking fresh and current. My goal for 2014 is to venture out of my comfort zone and find new and exciting ways to add to my shooting repertoire. Bring it on 2014!


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  1. Grace Gong says:

    Crecia is a wonderful photographer with a great eye and has patience of a saint. She’s creative with all her props, does not rush through her sessions and the pictures are beautiful. If you live in Las Vegas and in need of a photographer for your newborn, marking a milestone, family portraits or your wedding hire Crecia she has a sharp eye and insight on her subjects.

    Congratulations Crecia!!!!

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