Product Inspiration: Parent Albums

If I met you at a party and you asked what I did for a living, I’d probably tell you that I’m a professional wedding and editorial photographer. But really, especially in today’s instant gratification, instant feedback era, I’m in the customer service business.

Doug Levy

Doug Levy

When I was still very new to professional photography, having shot probably less than 10 weddings, I remember asking a friend about his amazing (still to this day some of the best I’ve ever seen) wedding photos. I asked him all the usual stuff, “How’d he light that?” “What did he say before this one?” etc. And while his answers were interesting (though nothing quite mind blowing,) one thing he said still sticks with me to this day. “You see this one? The one where it looks like we’re laughing and having a great time? We’re laughing because we’re so sick of taking photos.”

To me, that’s just as bad as, “He was super nice, we had a great time, but none of the photos turned out at all.” It was in that vein that last fall, when I had multiple couples asking about parent album options that didn’t cost quite as much as my Leather Craftsmen and Couture Books, that I started doing a little digging.

I knew this wasn’t going to be an easy task, because while the Leather Craftsmen and Couture Books aren’t cheap, I wouldn’t called them expensive either, because I truly feel that the quality levels are so high that you’re getting exactly what you’re paying for. Because, as I often tell clients, “I’m the only one who works here,” the new books would have to be up to a quality level that I could confidently deliver them without fear that they’d embarrass me or damage my brand.

Both my wife and I have long been fans of Pinhole Press and Pinhole Pro (and we have many of their products hanging in our home) so it was only natural to see if they might have an option that fit the bill. Not surprisingly, they did. In their 8.75” square panoramic books, Pinhole has found the perfect balance of gorgeous books coupled with a ruggedness that won’t make clients nervous about the books being handled by grandkids or licked by the dog. (OK, maybe that last part only happens in my house).

Even though I’ve only been offering the books for a little less than a year now, they’ve quickly become one of the most popular items in my lineup, making great companions to clients’ larger albums.

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