Inside the Studio: Carissa Byers Photography

Bright spaces are both tranquil and inspiring. Before diving into the busy holiday season, Carissa Byers takes us on a tour of her studio to share how you can make a home studio work for you.


Carissa Byers

Carissa Byers: I have been a professional photographer for 9 years. I’m located in the Lakewood area of Dallas, Texas and have been in this studio office space for 3 years.  The location of my home studio is conveniently near a large lake and not far from downtown. I often split portrait time in half and photograph inside and outside.

The studio is minimalistic and practical.  We painted the walls bright white and put in a custom floating solid oak piece that runs wall to wall and serves as a desk for two. We put in white track shelving on one side that holds albums, contracts, office supplies and camera equipment.

Working from home is a wonderful position for me.  While it often means long hours after the kids go to bed, it also means I can create a schedule that is fully involved in their daily lives which is extremely important to me.

On the other end of the room, we painted the wall with black chalkboard paint. It works as a dramatic accent, an interesting photo backdrop and a constant source of artistic expression for the kids. There is also wall mounted backdrop system that holds three 9 foot seamless paper backgrounds. I work with just a few strobes that I tend to leave up so rolling down a seamless paper, plugging in lights and sweeping the hardwood floor makes for a fast simple portrait setup.

I found two amazing old G. H. Gunlocke chairs in perfect condition in the trash! They serve as extra seating for clients and are one of my favorite things in the studio.

Thanks to Carissa for sharing her studio space with Pinhole Pro. If you would like to share your studio space, please email us at

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  1. Robert Sail says:

    I love the photo of the jar of pennies, hehe. Made me laugh. Your studio looks nice as well.


  2. Aimee says:

    Love your studio! Simple and clean is what I’d love to have. What would you estimate the total dimensions of your space to be? I currently share a studio, but we will be moving in the next year, and I would LOVE our next home to accommodate a studio space.

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