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Meet Pinhole Pro Featured Photographer Amanda McKinnon

We’re proud to welcome Amanda McKinnon to the Pinhole Pro Featured Photographer Team. We’re inspired by her work and thrilled that she loves our products. Amanda is a wedding photographer located in Orange County. However, she also finds the time to dabble in family and portrait photography. Like many Pinhole Pros, Amanda describes herself as a hopeless romantic. Telling a couple’s story is really what gets her going.

“I absolutely love being able to capture who a couple IS and not only what they look like! Being a wedding photographer is definitely a fulfilling job, if I can even call it a job! I am not only a hopeless romantic though – I am a passionate foodie, dog lover, travel enthusiast, triathlete and all around lover of anything fun.” – Amanda McKinnon

  1. I absolutely LOVE the 12×12″ Coffee Table Photo Books. These books are my top seller. I use these as Wedding albums for all of my clients. I love the size, the page count (up to 100 pages) and the paper/cover options. I shoot in a way that tells a story and being restricted to 40 pages like a lot of companies do just doesn’t work for me. I can’t speak highly enough of the 12×12″ books.
  2. The Square Panoramic Photo Book is my second top seller. I use these as parent books or often as books for family or baby sessions. They are the perfect size and have nice thick pages, 44 pages is plenty for a more limited shoot and with no gutter, you can design straight across the spread!
  3. The Guest Books are perfect for parent books, family sessions, baby sessions, or as the name says – a guest book! I use these often for sign-in books filled with photos from a couple’s engagement session. They look great next to their 12×12″ Coffee Table Photo Book later down the road!
  4. I love the prints that Pinhole offers. I haven’t found another printer who’s color is as spot on as Pinhole’s. I don’t have to worry about my photos looking any different than I originally intended. Also, the matte paper doesn’t show any fingerprints, which is great! I also love that quality in the Pinhole Photo Books.

Amanda’s 12×12″ Signature Coffee Table Photo Book



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