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A Day in the Life: Jessie Passon

Do you find yourself sometimes wanting to hit the pause button or stop time? Jessie Passon, a mother and professional Newborn, Baby & Child Photographer, is no stranger to that feeling. Jessie began her career in Human Development and Family Studies and spent many years working with young children before devoting herself to photography full time. Jessie’s relaxed and candid demeanor sets children at ease. Plus, the fact that she is exactly 5 feet tall doesn’t hurt either. Jessie was kind enough to share a day in her life this summer at her home studio with her three young daughters underfoot.


Hit snooze button.


Hit snooze button again…and get out of bed to start getting ready and prepping for today’s newborn session before my 3 daughters (all under 5 1/2 years old) start waking up.


First two (of many) shots of espresso go right into my cup and are mixed with chocolaty goodness and cream. Thank goodness for the automatic espresso machine, which gets lots of use on days like this!


While simultaneously juggling breakfast for two little girls and a toddler, I heat up the newborn space and set up the props.


Baby sitter arrives! Hand off my girls to her and head into my office and studio to make sure everything is ready for the client. Products are displayed, room is heated and blankets are set up.


Sit down to edit another previous newborn session while I wait for my assistant and the client arrive.


Client arrives. Get them settled and start working with the sleepiest newborn baby boy!


Session is over. Talk with the client about what happens next in the viewing/ordering process. What are they interested in ordering? Show them products and love on their sweet little guy some more.


Client departs. Survey the studio space that I now need to clean up (which will take place another time). Make two more shots of espresso and guzzle that down while I download the images from the session and back them up.


Babysitter leaves. I am back on duty and turn up the monitor to listen for any little girls waking up. Exhausted, I check out my two growing stacks of home and photography magazines, debating which one to read.  Work wins out and I pick up the latest issue of Click.


My “rest” time doesn’t last long and one of my girls wakes up from her nap. My spot on the office couch is overtaken by our dachshund. “Official” work hours are over as I now multitask with some mommy and house duties. Time is tight today while my husband is traveling all week for business.


For the last four hours, I have picked raspberries and veggies in the garden, realized that my daughter was running around in her underwear (oh to be 3 1/2 again!), watered the plants outside,  maintained cleanup of a messy glue project, exchanged text messages with a client about getting a session booked, washed a sink full of dirty dishes, fed the girls dinner, saw my daughter making faces in the reflection of a bowl on the counter (realizing it was a great “real life moment” to capture) and consulted with my Pinhole Pro magnetic notepad about what else was on my to-do list to tackle this evening.


All three of my little girls are bathed, have said prayers and in their beds…I now get to return to my office.


Settle down with some raspberry pie and write some client thank you notes.


Spend some time editing before I close up for the night. I enjoy the sweetness that comes with fully edited newborn images…pure and perfect.


Collapse in bed and fall asleep before I can even think about what is on the schedule for tomorrow!


 Phew! That busy day tired us out. Thanks to Jessie for sharing her day with us! If you are interested in sharing your day with Pinhole Pro, email us at

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