Li Ward Collaborates on a Photo Book for Charity

We were thrilled when we found out that Li Ward, a Pinhole Pro ambassador, is teaming up with long-time friend and pet expert Brittany Bang to create a fine art book showcasing rescue pets in the Boston area. 

“Absolutely 100% of proceeds will be donated to an animal charity,” Li explains. “As we wind down shooting this month, we will start the book design process. The hard part will come right before that when we must sit down and select our favorites!”

Li and Brittany met three years ago at a mutually beneficial moment—Brittany was just opening her pet store, Audrey’s, and Li was launching her pet photography business. Since then, the two have collaborated on pet store décor and a photography open house.

Behind-the Scenes of the Boston Pet Rescue Book with Li Ward. See more images on their Facebook page.

At the beginning of 2013, Brittany was forced to close her pet store due to rent increases on Newbury Street. However, Li and Brittany were as fierce as ever in their determination to give voice to the 70 rescue animals including dogs, cats, Guinea pigs and even fish.

An idea once hatched over a lunch between two creative minds (which included a few glasses of wine), this heart-felt project is now ready to become a beautiful fine art photography book.

Help us show Li and Brittany our support! If you have an idea for the title of the book, visit their Facebook page and offer your suggestions! The images that will be included in the book are top secret until it is published. To view Li’s pet photography visit her blog.

Tell Pinhole Pro about your charity projects and help us inspire your peers. Email us a 200 word description of your project as well as a few behind-the-scenes photos and we’ll be in touch!

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