NAPCP Retreat 2013: A Look Back

An enthusiastic group of photographers gathered for the 3rd annual National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP) Retreat.

The event, which took place in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina, April 8-11, offered a fusion of behind-the-camera learning, client-focused business best practices and some serious bonding with like-minded business owners. Speakers covered topics from babies and newborn photography to senior portrait shooting tips and how to sharpen your marketing and branding.

As a Pinole Pro ambassador I was honored to speak at the event about the pros and cons of owning a storefront studio. I won’t rehash my entire presentation here, but I will say that, for me anyway, the pros far outweigh the cons. That said, running a studio takes business know-how, and if you forget everything else, remember how to make your customers happy.

Happy customers lead to repeat customers and increased word of mouth marketing, which is my favorite kind of marketing. Plenty of photographers take great pictures. Not as many photographers are open and personable. I do my best to enter into collaborations with my clients, to make an effort to understand them and what they want. I’ve adopted this strategy because I believe it’s how I’d like to be treated, but it’s also helped me advance my business.

Another thing that’s helped me advance my business are the print-on-demand products I sell my clients and the way I market myself online. As my wife Joy and I look to enhance the care we provide to our most valued clients, Pinhole Pro offers a tremendous number of customized gift possibilities. Our clients love the calendars, magnetic list pads and sketch books. And it’s refreshing how effortless Pinhole makes it to spend just a couple minutes creating a personalized gift—investing in our clients who continue to invest in us, over and over again.

I left the retreat with a healthy list of takeaways. But if there’s one thing that stuck with me it’s that it doesn’t matter how busy we get, you need to take the time to thank your clients and make them feel special. That’s what NAPCP 2013 reminded me of. And I couldn’t be more thrilled that Pinhole Pro provides us with the tools to do the same thing for our clients too.

About the NAPCP

The NAPCP is a member-based association representing and promoting the community of professional child photographers. The NAPCP provides a valuable platform for seasoned veterans and rising professionals alike to share their experiences, hone their craft and raise their professional visibility. For more information visit:

Garrett Nudd is an award-winning portrait and wedding photographer from Chattanooga, Tennessee, and a frequent speaker at conferences and workshops around the country. His work has been published in more than 50 magazines and publications. Garrett was recently named one of the top 20 destination photographers by Destination Weddings & Honeymoons magazine.


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