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Saying Thank You in a Whole New Way

Whether you’ve been in business for one year or ten, the winter months provide much needed time for reflection on how you promote your studio. This month, we’re sharing tips from Pinhole Pro Featured Photographer Javon Longieliere on how to appreciate your vendors, surprise your clients and say thank you.

Appreciate Your Vendors:

For wedding photographers, appreciating your vendors is priority number one. A good relationship with your vendors can ensure referrals for weddings, corporate events and private parties. When we shoot a wedding and love the venue, we send that venue a notepad with their logo and a photo from the wedding. In the bottom right corner of the pad, put your copyright or studio logo to ensure that as the venue writes and shares notes with potential clients, they know who that signature photo came from.

Surprise Your Clients:

Wedding clients love to try and pack all the photos that they can request into an album. We think it’s important to show the newlyweds how we saw their wedding. So, we created the “Artist’s Choice Book” using the Panoramic Photo Book with proPhoto paper. The book shows our favorite photos from the day in the way that we want to present them. It’s always a well-received gift to the newlywed couple. If a bride hasn’t chosen to purchase an album yet, this gift may also help tip the scales in your favor.

Say Thank You:

Thanking your client after a shoot is an absolute must. But it can be a challenge to create a custom card for each couple—our time is limited once the wedding and portrait seasons kick into full gear. We decided that it would be just as fun to create a thank you card that was unique to our studio. We staged this photo to represent the roles that everyone manages. My wife, Dawn, is sitting in the chair because she’s our editor and studio manager. Then, our assistant is holding the light because she assists on most of the shoots. Finally, I’m shooting. The bride is a good friend that often seconds as a model for us. This photo has gotten us dozens of comments from clients and from other photographers on Facebook. It’s a creative spin that helps set our studio apart.

Javon Longieliere is an international wedding and lifestyle photographer based out of Georgia. He and his wife Dawn started Javon Longieliere Photography in 2001. For the past 10 years, they have been traveling all over the world shooting weddings and portraits. His images have appeared in Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, The Knot, Get Married and more.

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