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Imaging USA Recap

It’s official, Imaging USA 2013 is a wrap, and suffice it to say, very healthy as a coming together of some of the country and world’s finest photographers and technologies. This year’s edition was noticeably larger than last year’s, and more exciting.

The expo featured lots of great presentations, classes and products that helped those who attended live what they love and love what they make. Inspiration was everywhere you looked, from exhibits, to mixers, to the show’s stars, which included Greg Gorman, who received a lifetime achievement award. Even so, we wish we could have seen more of it, because for the most part we were too busy showing our latest and greatest products to witness it.

We had quite a few special visitors stop by our booth to chat us up, including notable presenters like Ed Pingol and Bambi Cantrell, and West coast locals like Anna Kuperberg and Jeff Lewis, who was in town photographing the NFC Championship game. Even liveBooks client Blair Bunting of Deadliest Catch fame came by to say hello, as did wedding photographer Luke Walker, who helps represent our brand.

Jared Platt packs them in at the Pinhole Pro booth.

Perhaps the best part of our product presentations may have been our friends Jared Platt, Garett Nudd and Julieanne Kost, who informed spectators of all the great things that make up Pinhole Pro and liveBooks.

By the way, congrats to a great show for the Clickin’ Moms, who saw a lot of activity at their booth, and who really know how to throw a great party. We await with bated breath Volume III of their already successful print publication!

One of the more delightful experiences was the return visits. Many photographers stopped by Pinhole Pro booth 737 to handle our product and demo Pro Studio, only to return an hour or a day later with friends and colleagues in tow, telling us about how simple and elegant our product is compared to the competition.

Time and again we found ourselves talking about our press printed, panoramic photo books with their layflat designs and wonderfully elegant papers. We also loved seeing all the faces light up as we dispensed ideas for personal gifting, innovative marketing and gifting ideas, client management, and so on.

On the show’s final day we even had a few moments to walk around and check out all of the vendors. There were so many great and creative products, both directly related to Pinhole Pro and the industry as a whole, that made the energy and excitement around the event outstanding up to the last minute.

Now we look forward to WPPI, with all the old and new faces.

And last but not least, we’d like to extend our special thanks to Alison Dutton, who worked her last Pinhole show and is now moving on to exciting new challenges. Alison has poured her heart and soul into the Pinhole brand since its inception and will be sorely missed.

That said, Pinhole will continue to be well represented, both with the staff manning the booth, and the old and new customers, ambassadors and featured photographers who make it the brand that we all know and love!

Joe Franklin is the Director of Marketing at liveBooks and Pinhole Pro. When he’s not sending emails, optimizing landing pages and organizing events, he’s running the trails of the SF East Bay Regional Park district or shooting photos of whatever catches his eye.

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