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What is Your Biggest Goal for Next Year?

Whether they’re personal, professional or somewhere in-between, we all have goals for 2013. We put the question to our Pinhole Pro ambassadors and below is how they responded, along with some of their favorite images over the last 12 months. Have a look and a read and we think you’ll agree – goals are good, and the below photos are great!

Anita Martin Photography

My biggest goal for 2013 is to continue to cultivate my passion for wedding photography! It is such an honor to be able to witness a wedding and the marriage of two people who are deeply in love.  I can’t wait to photograph more weddings in my future.


Smitten & Hooked

Our biggest goal for next year would be to maintain awesome relationships with our clients and vendors. Another big part of our business is giving back and we are SUPER excited about heading to Africa in January to shoot for a non-profit organization, Community Water Solutions. We are really excited about 2013 and feel like it is going to be our best year yet!


Fat Orange Cat Studio

My goal for 2013 is to strive for a more editorial look in my work. For inspiration, I’ve been looking to food magazines a lot more and have been following creative people of all kinds on Instagram. Floral stylists, illustrators, chefs, and interior designers are my favorites.


Mindy Braun

One of the biggest challenges of owning your own business from home and having a family is separating work from home. It’s very easy for us to find ourselves in our office every night working after our son has gone to bed. It’s also easy for us to put off work and lounge in our PJs a little longer. Our biggest goal for 2013 is carving out a space. Not a studio, just more of a place to meet clients, a place store our equipment, and most importantly a place to work. We are excited about creating a space that represents us and our brand and to see how it will allow our business to grow even more. We are hoping to do this in the off season, so hopefully wedding season in 2013 will be so much more grand!


Jen May Pastores

My biggest goal next year is to continue the pursuit of making the most of everything. That quest ultimately begins by knowing what to chase after wholeheartedly and when to slow myself down. My time as a Pinhole Pro photographer has complimented the quality of the work I deliver.


Ned Jackson Photography

My biggest goals next year are to streamline my workflow even more so that I’m spending more time with my family and less time on the computer at night.  I’d like to believe I can work 9-5!


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