Tips for Working with your spouse or significant other

Working with your spouse is the “it” thing right now. It’s very accepted and working with a husband-and-wife team just feels good to the customer, like getting a 2-for-1 deal. But it’s not always easy for married couples to keep work over here and private life over there. Boundaries must be established, just like in any successful business relationship – and personal relationship, for that matter.

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Here’s some advice I’ve gleaned over years of working with couples who are also professional partners:

1. Be on the same page!

Sit down with one another and talk about short- and long-term goals. Make sure you agree on the direction you want for your business and photographic style.

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2. Know your brand!

Understanding your brand is crucial to sharing your visual and verbal messages. It’s important that the same message is conveyed by both members of the team.

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3. Know your role!

What do you do within the company? Are you the producer? Are you the assistant? Are you both behind the camera? If you each understand who’s in charge of what, it’s easier to explain it to someone considering hiring your team. The only way the client will understand it is if you understand it first.

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4. Carry your weight!

Few things are more destructive than resentment. The best way to avoid it is to carry your equal weight within the professional partnership. Make verbal agreements up front about who will be responsible for what, make sure you’ve divided the duties evenly and according to each other’s strengths, set firm deadlines – and then live up to all these things.

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5. Communicate, communicate, communicate!

Good advice for your company and your marriage! If you speak up, express your needs and listen to your partner’s responses, the team will grow stronger. It’s important for your clients to see and feel the connection between the two of you, as a team and as a couple. That’s the 2-for-1 that gives you the advantage.

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6. Know your assets!

Nothing says “easy sale” better than knowing your true assets. Why should someone hire your team? If you know the answer, they will know them as well – and they will hire you!

Bottom line for working with your spouse: Have fun and be sure to communicate! Show clients that’s you’re a great team and your personal/professional partnership will shine!

Good luck!

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Amanda Sosa Stone is sought after from clients all around the world: Germany, Moscow, England, Mexico, Spain and her homeland, the United States. She has been praised for working on talents like Jim Krantz, the 2010 International Photographer of Year, Nick Onken and National Geographic Assignment Division (with co- consultant Suzanne Sease). She works with clients from all genres, Commercial to Consumer. With her editing being her true passion and love, she has also worked hard to develop many marketing approaches that are proven effective. Nothing feeds Amanda’s creative soul more seeing results and seeing her clients reach their goals. Joining forces with Agency Access in May of 2010, Amanda is their in-house marketing and industry consultant as well as continuing to work with her own clients.


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