Product Feature: Accordion Thank You Card

The Pinhole Pro accordion cards serve three purposes for my studio: 1) they are the perfect Thank You card, 2) they remind clients that images look best when printed, and 3) they showcase what clients can do with their own images when they order products from Pinhole Press (using my Pinhole Pro photographer’s code).

In every DVD I give to clients, I include a PDF readme file detailing what clients can do with their high-resolution images. But, judging from some of the questions I get after the disc has been received, I have a feeling very few people actually read the memo, which is understandable really. I mean, when was the last time I read an online user manual? Especially when there are much prettier things to look at?

When designing the accordion card, I picked four of my favorite wedding images, and saved one panel on the inside to write my Thank You note. I also saved one panel on the back to list my “Helpful Links” – reminders of where to go to view, purchase, and print your images.

And while I’m at it, I’ll introduce clients to the wonderful products made by Pinhole Pro. Three birds with one stone. I believe the best way to impress your clients after a shoot is with a printed thank you note, not an email. Show that that you take the time to think and care about them!

Li previously wrote about adding a new business to your studio in our March Magazine edition.


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