Planning ahead for the Holidays & 2013 with CJ Isaac

Before the New Year hangover is here, this year I am planning ahead.  There are numerous ways to promote your business.  Whether your main focus is weddings, still life, newborns or celebrations, I will be sharing some of my favorite marketing ideas in hopes that you may incorporate any that fit your style.  The holidays are quickly approaching.

Holiday Cards

First, we have Holiday Cards.  The majority of my session requests come at the last minute for Holiday Card photos.  With fall approaching and offering perfect weather conditions, I plan to send out a mass email inviting my clients to participate in a two day mini session at the park.  I limit each client session to a thirty minute shoot and limit the number of processed proofs to around thirty.  Everyone is always looking for a great deal so make it seem worth it and your clients will spread the word to their friends.

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Holiday Cards Reflecting You

And what about your personal holiday cards?  I have holiday cards that I have saved for years, not because they are the prettiest or the most creative, but they are the most personable cards.  So make yours YOU!  Make it stand out in your own way.  At the bottom of the card, throw in a promo code for sessions booked through February 1st.  People like a surprise and they enjoy things they can touch and keep, so combine the two.

Consistency and Persistence

I think most creatives have a challenge with consistency and persistence.  You have so many opportunities to offer promotional/marketing packages with the upcoming holiday season from Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, and Hanukkah to any special occasions associated with the holidays.  You want to be consistent and not bombard people.  One great idea is to send a fun Happy Halloween email blast and mention your promo code for the holidays, a two day mini session in the park.  As Thanksgiving approaches, send out another fun email blast, and also thank everyone for participating in the mini session, as well as to have a happy, safe holiday.  Then for the month of December, send out your personal holiday card.  The key is to be and to stay consistent with your email blasts and your branding.  If you are looking for an email blast service, Mail Chimp is free and easy to implement.

Satisfy Your Want List

This is my favorite tip.  Over the summer, I attended the Sparkle and Hustle Convention at Columbia University featuring guest speaker Barbara Corcoran.  I loved her enthusiastic advice and my favorite tip was “everyone wants what everyone wants.”  Make yourself stand out.  Remind your clients that your sessions are great gifts, but they are also limited.  Promote yourself so that in the years to come, everyone will want what they missed out on.

CJ’s notes from Mrs. Corcoran’s seminar:

  1. In a team, recognition works better than money.
  2. Fun is good for business.
  3. Bad times are the best times to move ahead.
  4. You have the right to be here.


One nice thing about the holiday is that everyone has to eventually purchase gifts.  Be aware that your clients are hungry and usually looking for a creative gift for their holiday season.  Maybe you could offer a free print package or a mini calendar.  Or, send a free magnet or notepad to at the end of the year as a way of saying thank you.  This often surprises clients and makes then more likely to send referrals your way.  It is always an extra value of appreciation and everyone enjoys a fun, holiday season.

The Holidays present a great opportunity to get yourself out there even more and promote yourself in a new, creative way.  Have fun with it and most of all, make it you all the way around.

CJ Isaac |

CJ was born into the Southern state of Tennessee and was raised to sing nothing other than Rocky Top. At the age of 18 she decided to pursue Graphic Design at The University of Tennessee. After years of working in Design firms and Ad Agencies, CJ realized she wanted to pursue her new found love of Photography which led her to attend Portfolio Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Shortly after her graduation in 2010, CJ made the big move to NYC and launched Moss + Isaac with her dear friend Leigh Anna Thompson from Portfolio Center. Moss + Isaac is a boutique photography studio that specializes in weddings and children.

Besides shooting weddings on the weekends, CJ shoots for a wide range of Commercial clients such as Leo Burnett, Always, Morgan Stanley, and New York Magazine. She lives in the Lower East side and spends a lot of time traveling and exploring all that NYC has to offer.

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