The couple behind chic critique

We (Kelli and Matt France) started Chic Critique about a year ago.  It was right before our 4th child was born.  We like to joke that we had twins last year because we brought a new baby and a new business into our family all at once.

Chic Critique founders: Kelli, Matt and the France kids.

How do you split up the work?

I do the right-brain stuff and my husband, Matt does the left-brain stuff. I work in the mornings and Matt works in the afternoons.  That way, I can do “the Mama thang” once the kids are home from school. Sometimes, after the kids are in bed, we work again for a couple of hours. We’re nerds like that because we love our jobs! We also have a fabulous Chic Team of ladies that help us.

How did you get started, what was the inspiration for starting Chic Critique?

I had been consulting photographers (via Francypants Academy) for several years and noticed that a lot of a photographers struggle with confidence. I had this crazy idea of creating a forum for photographers to get professional critique. I knew I couldn’t do it alone so Matt quit his law job and we took a leap of faith and started Chic Critique. Basically we started Chic Critique to help photographers increase confidence, be part of a community, and get honest critique.

What are some tips you can give about giving feedback on other photographers work?

When giving feedback on anything, it’s important to use the “Critique Sandwich” method where you sandwich your critique between two positive comments like this: positive, critique, positive. Of course, your feedback should be honest & sincere but I think the critique is a little easier to swallow that way.

What makes Chic Critique unique?

Not only is it a positive community to get honest critique from peers and pros but it is THE elite educational resource for women who love photography. We spoil our members with Chic Magazine, a Celebrity Tutorial Library, ChicTV interviews, and tons of FREEBIES including gift cards, templates, biz kits, and What-to-Wear guides!

What are some tips you give your celebrity photographers for critiquing work or things you’ve learned from watching the interaction during the critique sessions?

Our Celebrity Photographers are SO giving and helpful! They do video critiques and often share or talk way longer than the required amount. We encourage them to use the Critique Sandwich method (see above).

Here’s a real-life critique so you can see for yourself:

Here’s Kelli at work, being a 10 year veteran helped in creating Chic Critique.

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  1. Zoe says:

    Just did a celebrity critique sessions, and LOVED it. Learned so much, and am already looking forward to doing another one. P.S. I love Pinhole Press products! So modern and so well-designed.

  2. Christine b says:

    Love chic critique, Kelly and Matt! Such a wonderful team so happy you highlighted them here.

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