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What the Bride Wants

One bride’s take on why you should invest in a brilliant photographer, how to find “the one” when it comes to wedding photographers, and what these photos mean for her and her husband.

The lovely Beth Carney said “I do” last summer on a serene vineyard in Upstate New York in front of her closest friends and family. But unlike most brides, Beth’s wedding was the set for the new series of Pinhole Pro educational videos led by Pinhole Pro ambassador Luke Walker, which are designed to provide aspiring wedding photographers with an honest look at how to capture a real wedding.

We’ve heard Luke’s perspective about shooting Beth’s wedding all while being filmed, so now let’s hear what Beth has to say about her whirlwind experience last summer.

First of all, you look so beautiful on your wedding day! It seems that all of your hard work and attention to detail made for a picture-perfect day. This begs the question, why were you originally drawn to Clark+Walker Studio and why did you trust Luke to capture your big day?

Photography was very important to me because it’s really the only thing that lasts. A lot of people had given us the advice that we need to have our wedding captured impeccably. When we found Clark+Walker Studio, we were blown away by everything on their blog. Having an outdoor wedding, we needed someone to have that ability to capture all of the moments, even if the weather turned bad and they were forced to turn lemons into lemonade. If anyone would make us look good, it would be Luke and Alicia.

You have to trust your wedding photographer. There’s not a doubt about it. How did Luke help you gain that trust in him?

Colin and I both felt that we connected with him personally. We shared similar wedding visions. They were married upstate [New York] so we both had a love of that area and that type of aesthetic. We felt Luke really got the vibe of the vineyard-style wedding we had chosen. We had so much trust in his ability, and it was buoyed because he is relaxed yet in control, and from the beginning, he knew what he was doing.

It goes without saying that you’re going to be nervous on your wedding day, but were you nervous at all to have your photos taken and a videographer filming the entire adventure?

I was really nervous leading up to it, and when Luke asked my permission to have a videographer film the whole thing, I was initially terrified. I am more of a private person and I was worried that having additional cameras around would add to my nerves, thereby detracting from our wedding day. But then a friend gave me some good advice. She said, ‘You are going to be thinking of Colin and he is going to be thinking of you. You’re not going to be concerned what’s going on around you, including the presence of the cameras,’ and she was really right. We were so focused on the moment and taking in the seriousness of our commitment to each other. I didn’t have the brain space to be nervous and we had a lot of fun.

Did Luke add to that fun?

Absolutely. Nothing we did felt staged. I don’t even remember him giving directions and telling us what to do because it was so natural. He did it in such a gentle, unassuming way and during our portraits we felt like we were frolicking in a field. He has an art for him directing you without directing you, and he made us feel comfortable.

Luke says he’s adamant about educating his clients about why he’s doing what he’s doing. For example, taking a certain shot or positioning his clients in a certain way. Do you think that was helpful for you?

He counseled us to have our ceremony as late as possible, because on the long summer day we wanted to be out of that harsh light. We worked with him to create the timeline so he could take the photos where he could maximize the quality of each photo. That is how we ended up with those gorgeous sunset shots! My counsel to brides is to work with your photographer on the timeline so you can help them take the best photos they can for you.

You have your photos now. Are you surprised at all by the photography captured on your wedding day?

We were just blown away. They are so amazing. I don’t think I was surprised…we love the way they came out and we were absolutely happy that we had made the choice to go with him and his team. I, knowing his body of work, expected them to be amazing and they were better than I expected.

Do you and your husband have a favorite shot? Those sunset photos were looking very dreamy on that video.

I love the one where we are kissing in front of the tree, and the sunset photos were just so pretty. We have these prints on our wall!

Speaking of prints, what was your experience working with Luke and his team to order your album and prints after the wedding?

It was really smooth. We got some of our favorite prints and worked with Christine to put together an album. I wanted to do it immediately after the wedding while things were fresh. We started the process a month [after the wedding] and everything came out beautifully. It’s so nice to have these to look at a year later.

Anything else on your mind that you want to share?

Luke has an amazing persona and he is an amazing photographer. I would recommend him to any friends who are engaged. Colin and I consider it one of the best decisions we made. Photography needs to be an important part of your consideration because what you end up getting at the end are these memories frozen in time.

Before my wedding my grandfather passed away, and during the wake, my grandma displayed her wedding album. She reminisced about the fond memories from her wedding day. Everyone was talking about it. Through her wedding photography, she recalled the joy she and her husband shared on this day more than 50 years ago.

I’m so glad I have these photographs so we can cherish them throughout our lifetime…’til death do us part.


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