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Nowadays it’s hard finding a photographer who doesn’t have a social media presence. After all, the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest have generated a fast and furious flow of new business for photographers at a next-to-nothing advertising cost. But for Michigan-based photographer Neri Ridges, social media left a lot to be desired for her brand and she was looking for a way to stand out within a crowded market. With Pinhole Pro, she is able to give her clients that “wow” factor while creating a strong online and offline photography brand in her market.

There’s Something Missing

Client after client would tell Neri that they loved her work because her images were beautiful and unique, but this point of differentiation wasn’t reflected in her branding. She only had an online brand presence, and Neri knew she had to strengthen her brand offline if she wanted to successfully grow her business.

Going Back to Basics

Neri decided she wanted to create a series of brochures, thank you notes and other pieces of marketing material that strongly mirrored her brand and instantly resonated with clients. However, marketing materials with quality paper and design wasn’t easy to find.

Enter Pinhole Pro.

“When I first picked up Mohawk Superfine at the Pinhole Pro booth at WPPI last year, I knew this was the difference I had been looking for,” Neri said. “I instantly knew that a handwritten note on this beautiful paper would voice that I’m the type of photographer who is personable – not just someone who sends a quick email now and then.”

Neri returned from WPPI with the inspiration to streamline her brand and revamp her marketing materials.

The New Neri Photography

Neri started reworking her brand by designing a postcard for bridal shows with her business information on the back and a second postcard with space for a handwritten note. She also chose to design one postcard that would push her into a new market – architecture.

“Architects are visual and I wanted to make sure that architecture firms realized the impact of my imagery in printed materials. I want them to take me more seriously than they would from an email.” In addition to receiving a postcard from Neri, all of her marketing materials include a handwritten note or signature to give her clients (and future clients) personal attention.

In addition to postcards, Neri also designed address labels and “fragile” labels using Pinhole Pro Studio. “The fragile labels are important for mailing frames to clients,” Neri said. “You always want to make sure that the client receives everything in perfect condition.”

Neri labels every “fragile” customer package with her own custom label. “You always want to make sure that the client receives everything in perfect condition,” said Neri.

Creating a Balance

Neri is now well on her way to strengthening her brand and growing her client base using beautifully designed printed materials from Pinhole Pro. “I didn’t anticipate that going back to paper would be that difference but it has made my brand stronger and more comprehensive to the client,” Neri said.

Printed marketing materials are just part of the mix. Accordingly to Neri, it’s always important to keep a balance between mailings, phone calls, emails and social media. Her final advice? Stay in front of your clients so they know who you are. Don’t drop off their radar. A good mix of print and digital marketing will keep your marketing and brand perfectly balanced.

Neri uses Pinhole Pro Studio to design postcards, address labels, guest books and photo books for her business.

Neri creates custom DVD cases for her clients. With each case, she includes her Pinhole Pro Shoot & Burn photographer code for clients who want to create their own photo products at PinholePress.com.

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