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Why Use Pinhole Pro Studio?

Pinhole Pro was launched in response to the Professional Photographers desire to have more unique and modern array of photo products to offer their clients. Products available using traditional photographic process were limiting the choices of the photographer’s client and the introduction of press printed products have added new products with additional price points.

What is becoming more and more apparent is that all press printed products are not created equal. Pinhole Pro understands that paper choice, clean modern design, binding options, quality printing and sustainability practices are all very important. With parent company Mohawk Fine Papers leading the digital paper revolution over the last 10 years, Pinhole Pro has the advantage of beautiful paper that was developed for optimum print performance on the HP Indigo and is made using sustainable practices.

We also believe in developing unique products with clean design that are perfect for gifting or savoring those special events. Our product design team is focused on products that can be utilized in our day to day routines while reminding us of moments that make us smile. Your clients want to see these images year round in calendars, notepads, magnets, etc… We strive to come up with unique and innovative designs, not copying the same old tired products.

Professional photographer’s clients want access to professional products that match the beauty of the images they were willing to pay you to shoot. The stat below from an InfoTrends survey also tells us clients are willing to pay for those differentiators.


What features are you willing to pay more for and how much?

One of the top ranking features was higher paper quality and binding. Close to 80% of respondents were willing to pay 10% or more for higher paper quality. Additionally, just over 20% of those respondents who indicated they would be willing to pay more for paper quality would be willing to pay 40% or more for higher paper quality. Clearly, there are strong links between substrate quality, a customer’s perception of product quality, and a customer’s willingness to pay more for the perceived value that higher quality substrates bring to the market.

So, in a nutshell, the thing that makes Pinhole Pro Studio press printed products better than our competitors is that we understand that your clients expect something unique and special from you-the-photographer and we have the products to show it.

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