Photo Notepads Featured in Professional Photographer

It’s not a secret! Pinhole Press photo pads are the hottest client gift this holiday season. In their November 2011 issue, Professional Photographer features the Pinhole Press NotepadDesktop CalendarWall Calendar and Photo Journal as great thank-you gifts for your clients this holiday season. Here’s a few thoughts from Pinhole Pros 2TPhotoFat Orange Cat Studio and Sea Studio who utilize photo pads as client gifts today.

Thu Tran, 2TPhoto, Specializing in weddings and engagement shoots in Atlanta.

Thu Tran’s favorite client gift is hands down the photo notepad. “I LOVE the Pinhole Press Notepads – they are practical and everyone can use them. I’m a list maker and I love having them around to jot down notes or to make to-do lists. I know my clients can have them at their desk at work or throw them in their bag. They’re fun to look at and I can get maximum exposure without being too obtrusive.” Feature photo and photo above by Thu Tran.

Li Ward, Fat Orange Cat Studio Specializing in Pet and Wedding photography in Boston.

I made these photo pads as gifts for my clients, and couldn’t help but include some calligraphy to make it even more personalized. I scanned in the lettering, opened Photoshop and pasted in the image of the lettering with the wedding photo I wanted to use. Then, I just saved it and uploaded it to…Just so you know, I added about 4 extra steps for myself! The calligraphy on Bill & Maggie’s notepad is actually a photograph off their wedding invitation, so that was nice reuse! Photo above by Li Ward.

Sally Honeycutt, Sea Studio Specializing in weddings and portraits in Seattle.

Sally raves that “my favorite Pinhole product is definitely the Photo Pads… my clients adore them. I love that they showcase the images beautifully and are also such a practical item that anybody would find useful! I’m always tempted to order extras for myself!” Packaging your photo pads with a ribbon makes them an even sweeter gift. Photo above and below by Sally Honeycutt.

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