Pinhole Pros Create Beautiful Photo Memories

Becoming a Pinhole Pro gives you access to create beautiful press products and prints to sell to your clients.

You can gain access to all of our products now, or continue reading about the two ways that you can create cards, books, calendars and notepads that clients will love.

Product Photo

Photograph the Moment

Whether you shoot weddings, portraits, pets, or kids, Pinhole Pro helps you sell products clients will love.

Let's create beautiful press products

Pinhole Pro gives your business flexibility.

Sell Beautiful Products in Your Studio.

Pro Studio gives you the flexibility to brand all of your products and set your own prices. Become a Pinhole Pro and download Pro Studio to take advantage of the most flexible way to provide clients with great press products and prints.

Pinhole Pro Studio gives you the flexibility to add your branding to any product. By selling in studio, you sell products at your own price.

  1. Download

    Log into your Pinhole Pro account and download the Pro Studio application to your computer.

  2. Create

    Upload and organize your photos then design your own cards, books, notepads and more.

  3. Order

    Proof products with your clients then upload press products and prints together, in one order.

  4. Sell in Studio

    Set your own prices and impress clients with beautiful, high quality press products and prints.

Pro Studio: Key Benefits

  • Brand your Products

    Grow your word of mouth marketing by adding your logo to every product that you create in the Pinhole Pro Studio application. You can save time by adding your brand to our templates.

  • Name your Price

    Selling in studio gives you the flexibility to name your price. We’ve created a line of products that is exclusive to Pinhole Pro Studio. You must sign-up to become a Pinhole Pro and gain access to product costs.

  • Build Custom or Templated Products

    Pinhole Pro Studio gives you the ability to design your own products using our notepad, calendar or guest book styles.

  • Join Our Community

    All Pinhole Pros gain access to the online Pinhole Pro magazine, keeping you informed with client feedback on our products, selling tips for every business model and real life examples from our Pinhole Pro team on what products are best for different types of clients.

  • What Else Should I Know?

    Studio is our most flexible solution, allowing you to design your own templates and add your logo to any product. The Studio application is downloaded to your computer, giving you the ability to create products with high res images quickly and efficiently. Contact to join us for a webinar or a one-on-one consultation if you would like a training session before diving in on your own.

What about your DIY clients?

Explore Shoot & Burn

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    Join the Pinhole Press Referral Program and gain access to Pinhole Press promotions and ad designs.

  2. Your Link

    Add appropriate content to your website, blog and emails to share Pinhole Press with your clients.

  3. Client Purchases

    Your clients upload their photos then create and purchase photo gifts at Pinhole Press.

  4. Earn

    You earn a 12% commission on every purchase your clients make at Pinhole Press within 90 days after they have clicked on your referral ad or link.

Shoot & Burn: Key Benefits

  • Create New Revenue

    To join the referral program you must have a website or blog. Then, sign up for the free Pinhole Press Referral Program that is hosted by ShareASale here. Once you have signed up and been approved, you can place content such as ads and promotions on your website using an affiliate link that is given to you by ShareASale. When your readers or clients click on Pinhole Press content on your website and complete a purchase, you earn a commission from that sale.

  • Guaranteed Payments Every Month

    By working through our affiliate program host, ShareASale, you are guaranteed an on-time commission payment.

  • Superior Tracking

    ShareASale provides you with the ability to easily track which transactions earn you commissions.

  • Boost Your Brand

    When you recommend Pinhole Press to clients through your website or blog, you are recommending high-quality products that will match your modern brand.

  • Earn More Money

    The Pinhole Press referral program is a simple way to boost your monthly income. Simply place a Pinhole Press ad on your website and start earning a 12% commission each time that a reader or client completes a sale within 90 days.

  • Gain Access to Pinhole Press Creative

    The Pinhole Press referral program gives you access to Pinhole Press ads including your choice of Baby, Family, Wedding and Holiday ads. You will also receive the latest promotions run by Pinhole Press which increases the incentives that your clients have to click and purchase through your ad.

Want to design your own products?

Explore Pro Studio

Clients Love You!

Whether you sell in your Studio, Shoot & Burn, or do both – Pinhole Pro helps you provide clients unique and functional products that memorialize their perfect moments and your best photos.

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